Best Bath Chair For Elderly: Restore Your Dignity And Independence

You can bring some dignity as well as a certain measure of independence to aged folks under your care with a bath chair for the elderly. This is probably one of the most considerate bathroom accessories you can get for someone who is retired, with ailing health, or with restricted movements.

It is sad to say that making this purchase uninformed is also a very easy way to waste money if you don’t buy the right one. While you will see a lot of chairs in the market, not all of them have the required quality standards to ensure the safety of the elderly under your care.

Since you are looking for a great accessory that doesn’t break the bank, I have taken it upon myself to hunt and find the best bath chair for elderly people on the internet. After you are done reading this guide, you will know everything you need about this product and how it works.

Four Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When You Are Choosing Bathtub Stools For Elderly

When it comes to products for the elderly, you need to ask some hard questions about your purchase. If you are well informed, you will shop smartly. Bath chairs should be chosen with care. To do that right, we have compiled four basic questions you need to ask before hitting the “buy” button. Take a moment to read them:

  1. Will this bath chair for the elderly fit in my bathtub?

This sounds simple enough to be overlooked, and it indeed happens a lot. Not all bathing chairs are made for bathtubs. You need to take measurements on your bathtub floor before looking at any model. The width of the chair should always be narrower than the tub itself.

  1. Is this bath chair height-adjustable?

This is also pretty important. Older adults often suffer ailments related to their hips or joints, and the sole motion of sitting down or standing up can be painful for them. By having a bath chair with adjustable height, you will help them a lot to deal with these problems.

  1. Does the bath chair have a proper drainage system?

Another feature that is often overlooked. A proper drainage system will avoid creating a puddle where the older adult is sitting and will keep humidity to a minimum. The best drainage systems have four to six holes placed on the chair in places where they won’t cause discomfort.

  1. Is the bath chair strong enough?

All bath chairs for the elderly are built with different capacities. Some of them can withstand a lot of weight while others have a preset limit to how much they can hold. You need to choose one based on the weight of the person that will be using it and add a bit more to be on the safe side. That way, you can avoid any accidents.

The Best Bath Seats for Elderly Available on the Market

Now we are going to take a moment to offer the most comprehensive reviews we could put together for the best bath chairs for elderly people we could find on the internet. I did my fair share of homework in all of them, and I chose the best ones based on their quality, safety, practicality, and price. Now I present them to you for your consideration.

1. The Ez2care Adjustable Bath Chair For the Elderly

Ez2care Adjustable Lightweight Shower Bench,White, 12.5 to 18 inch Buy on Amazon

Manufactured with anti-slip materials and equipped with side handles and four drainage holes, this bath chair for the elderly is our top pick on this list of recommendations.

The four legs of the chair have an adjustable height system, and the frame is made of anodized aluminum to ensure lasting durability.

This comfy chair is also capable of holding as much as 250 pounds at once, so you don’t have to worry about your aging relative if he’s a tad overweight.

  • Made with quality anti-slip plastic resins and aluminum frame
  • Side handles and an excellent drainage system to keep the chair dry and avoid mold
  • Adjustable height on all four legs
  • It can withstand a lot of weight, up to 250 pounds
  • The chair can’t be tilted or arranged after you sit on it
  • It doesn’t come with replacement rubber tips for the legs

2. Dr. Maya Adjustable Bath Bench For Seniors

DR. MAYA Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair with Free Suction Assist Shower Handle Large White Anti-Slip Bench Bathtub Stool Seat with Aluminum Legs (Shower Chair) Buy on Amazon

The Dr. Maya brand is known for offering a wide variety of products for the care of the elderly. This bath bench for seniors is one of their best products.

The chair has an individually adjustable height system for each one of the four legs. It is manufactured with the best-anodized aluminum, and the sitting bench is created using high-quality molded plastic.

With side handles and eight holes strategically located to function as a drainage system, this chair comes with a bonus suction cup shower handle to make the simple act of taking a bath a pleasant one for older people.

  • Recognized brand Dr. Maya stands behind the quality of this product
  • The comfortable frame goes easy on the behinds of elderly folks
  • It comes with an extra gift
  • Adjustable high system on each one of the legs
  • It can hold as much as 300 pounds
  • Is best suited for small showers and bathtubs
  • You need to keep track of the screws to adjust the height of the chair. Otherwise, it’s a pain to replace them

3. The Medokare Bath Chair For Seniors

Medokare Shower Stool with Padded Seat - Shower Seat for Seniors with Tote Bag and Handles, Shower Bench Bath Chair for Elderly, Handicap Tub Shower Seats for Adults (White Stool) Buy on Amazon

This padded bath chair for seniors is one of the most comfortable shower stools you will find on the list. As you can guess, the padded seat is the strong selling point of this product.

It’s easy to clean since it is made with anti-slip materials. The chair requires minimal assembly, the removable anchor pins hold on the weight pretty well, and the frame is strong enough to withstand 280 pounds.

This bath chair is pretty durable, and it feels very light on your hands. The side handles and the removable legs make it easy to store, and the 12 draining holes will keep the water flowing to avoid mold and humidity.

  • The first padded chair on the list and it’s comfortable because of it
  • Extra drainage with 12 holes in the seat that doesn’t compromise the frame of the chair
  • Capable of withstanding 280 pounds
  • Individually adjustable height system on each leg
  • Light frame makes it easy to carry and store
  • Removable pins can get easily lost
  • You don’t get additional rubber tips to replace the ones the chair has once they wear out

4. The OasisSpace Bath Chair For Old Person

OasisSpace Shower Chair, Adjustable Bath Stool with Free Assist Grab Bar - Medical Tool Free Anti-Slip Bench Bathtub Stool Seat with Durable Aluminum Legs for Elderly, Senior, Handicap & Disabled Buy on Amazon

With a classy aesthetic and clean design, this OasisSpace is a great bath chair for the old person that is pretty useful in small settings.

The angled legs provide some of the most exceptional support and stability in showers or bathtubs.

The rubber feet can adapt to the curvature of any surface, and the chair itself is manufactured with an anodized metal frame and clear blue rubber ideal for light-colored bathrooms.

This sturdy product is capable of withstanding as much as 300 pounds in the acrylic/fiberglass seat.

  • Great looking products with a clean design and light blue rubber parts
  • Fantastic support system with plastic feet that can act like suction cups in bathtubs
  • The framework of this chair can withstand up to 300 pounds
  • Curved surface and four drainage holes to keep the seat clean
  • It includes a free medical grade shower handle
  • Best suited for small bathrooms
  • The adjustable leg system relies heavily on individual pins

5. The Vive Bariatric Bath Stool For the Elderly

Vive Shower Stool - Bariatric Bath Tub Bench - Bathroom Safety and Shaving Seat Benches - Adjustable, Heavy Duty and Lightweight for Elderly, Senior, Handicap and Disabled Buy on Amazon

This bath stool for the elderly is one of the most versatile products on the list; it has a good range of adjustability that can go up to 20″ in height on each one of the four legs.

The round seat is very comfortable and wide enough to accommodate an adult person. The anti-skid non-slip system used on the legs makes this chair one of the most efficient when it comes to support.

The whole frame can withstand weights up to 250 pounds, and the rubber feet can adapt to the curved surface of any bathtub or shower.

  • Durable products built with a solid metal frame
  • It can reach up to 20″ high on each foot
  • Rubber soles can adapt to any surface without problems
  • The seat can withstand as much as 250 pounds
  • The rubber feet can be worn out pretty quickly if you place the chair on an irregular surface for too long
  • The safety pins can get easily lost

6. The Drive Medical Whisper Electric Bath Seat

Drive Medical Whisper Ultra Quiet Bath Lift, Blue Buy on Amazon

The drive medical Whisper is an electric bath seat. If you are wondering how that works without you getting zapped, you don’t have to worry about that.

The Medical Whisper has been designed to function in contact with water while keeping you safe from any electrical shocks. It is the best product for older people that have a hard time climbing out of their bathtubs.

You can sit on the chair and lower your body inside the water to take a pleasant bath without having to think about how you are going to lift yourself after you are done.

The product can withstand up to 300 pounds, and it comes with a remote to handle all functions.

  • Innovate product brings a lot of comfort in the bathtub for older adults with restricted mobility
  • No risk of electric shocks due to the smart design
  • It makes the act of sitting down and lifting your body much easier
  • The seat can withstand 300 pounds
  • It comes with remote control for all functions
  • The chair is a bit heavier than the other options on the list
  • It can only accommodate specific models of bathtubs
  • It has a high price point

7. The Carex Portable Bathtub Bench For the Elderly

Carex Portable Shower Bench - Shower Bath Seat - Adjustable Width to Fit Most Bathtubs, Comfortable Contoured Seating Area with 300 Pound Weight Capacity, Portable and Easy to Store Buy on Amazon

This product is a special bathtub bench for elderly people that work very differently from other products listed so far.

The bench can be placed on top of the bathtub, and it’s ideal for sitting on it and taking a bath using a showerhead. The frame is built to fit most bathtubs, and it has adjustable width controls to hold on better to those tubs that are a bit larger than usual.

It also has a unique handle that can help the older adult stand or hold on to something in case of dizziness. It’s made of durable acrylic and fiberglass so it will last a long time.

  • Innovate bench doesn’t need legs to help seniors take a shower
  • Adjustable widths control to accommodate larger tubs
  • Special handle that works as a support system
  • Made of durable materials
  • Can withstand up to 300 pounds
  • It can only be used with showerheads
  • Not the best product for overweight people

8. The PCP Bathtub Safety Seat For the Elderly

PCP Shower Chair Safety Seat, Adjustable Height, Stability Grip Traction, Medical Grade Senior Living Spa Aid, Mobility Recovery Support, White/Blue Buy on Amazon

The PCP shower chair is a bathtub safety seat for elderly folks that have back support.

This chair has been specially designed for people who might need help as they take a bath due to issues related to their rear muscles or spine issues.

The chair has a sturdy build made of anodized aluminum combined with navy blue rubber padding for the seat and rubber tips for the legs.

The curved seat is incredibly comfortable for older people, and the seven holes placed on the plastic surface will drain all water to avoid mold and humidity

  • The best chair with back support for older people with back problems
  • Sturdy aluminum build that can withstand up to 300 pounds
  • Adjustable height system on all four legs
  • Navy blue rubber parts and padding make the chair look great and more comfortable
  • Be wary of splaying if the chair is used on irregular surfaces
  • The back support can be adjusted as well, but it doesn’t have a broad range of motion

9. The Swiveling and Sliding Bath Seats For the Elderly

Swiveling and Sliding Bathtub Transfer Bench and Shower Chair (Reg) (77662). Swiveling and Sliding system, Multiple Safety Features, Tool-Less Assembly, Height Adjustable and High Weight Capacity. Buy on Amazon

This innovative product is one of many sliding bath seats for elderly people that is easy to handle and grants a great deal of independence to the older person using it.

The rail system can help you get in and out of the bathtub without having to crouch, the seat swivels, and rotate 360° so you can move it to any angle that is comfortable to hop on.

You can lock it into position as you take a shower. The whole frame of this sliding seat is built with sturdy stainless steel, and it’s painted with chrome finishes to make it look amazing.

  • Innovate a rail system to help older folks get in and out of their bathtubs
  • The system is capable of withstanding an adult weighing 400 pounds
  • Rotating system on the seat to move freely as you hop on the tub
  • The chair has back support
  • Great fit for bariatric patients
  • Chrome finishes need periodical maintenance
  • The system is helpful to take baths using a showerhead mostly

10. The Carex Easy Swivel Bath Chair For the Elderly

Carex Easy Swivel Shower Stool - Adjustable Rotating Bath Seat and Shower Chair for Elderly with Storage Tray Buy on Amazon

This swivel bath chair for the elderly has a special cushion to increase the levels of comfort of the older person using it.

The chair rotates 360° to give you free rein of mobility inside your bathtub or shower. Each leg has an adjustable height system to reach the stool well above the 20″ mark.

The stool has other exclusive perks such as the handy plastic tray placed right below the seat the use as a storage shelf for bathroom products, that way you don’t have to stand or bend over to reach for anything.

  • The stool design offers a lot more mobility on top of the rotating chair
  • Adjustable height system on the legs to reach higher levels
  • The convenient plastic tray below the chair to place shower products
  • Abel to withstand an older adult of 300 pounds
  • Plastic parts require periodic maintenance, too vulnerable to mold
  • Adjustable pins can get easily lost

11. Goplus Bamboo Slatted Bath Seat

Goplus Bamboo Bath Seat, Waterproof Bathroom Shower Seat,Spa Massage Chair, Triangular Fanshaped with Slip-Resistant Rubber Bathroom Organizer, Weight Capacity: 350 Lbs Buy on Amazon

This slatted bath seat is the only wooden recommendation on the list, but it’s also one of the most versatile products on it as well. The multipurpose functionality of this chair makes it ideal for bath chairs, but it can also be used as a fishing stool.

It’s made of durable bamboo with three layers of additional treatment to make it able to withstand water, humidity, and mold for a long time. The four-legged chair has an adjustable height system and rubber suction cups to fix it in place for as long as we need it.

This is the only item on the list capable of holding up to 350 pounds of weight, making it one of the strongest items we can recommend for you.

You can check more bamboo bath and shower seats here.

  • Multi-functional products are ideal as bath chairs but they can be used for other activities as well
  • The extra sturdy build of the bamboo wood is specially treated with water-proof products to prevent humidity and mold
  • Adjustable height system on the four legs
  • Suction cup system to hold the sit-in place on irregular surfaces
  • Large weight capacity
  • Wood products don’t do really well in showers and bathtubs
  • Rubber suction cups need to be replaced frequently if they stand too long on irregular surfaces

Advanced Bathroom Adaptations for Elderly People

There are options you can consider if you are thinking about adapting your bathroom for an older person. I have gathered some of the most popular modifications done by families in their households while tending to an aging relative.

  • Lever faucets

A lever faucet doesn’t require a lot of strength to be manipulated. Seniors would no longer need to twist and turn a faucet to get water when they need it. You can even get foot-operated options. They are not hard to install, and they come cheap in the long run.

  • Spray Showerheads

Getting a showerhead also adds layers of independence for a senior since they would no longer need to stand to take a shower. They can simply sit on their bath chairs and use the showerhead to reach every spot of their bodies to rinse and scrub at their own pace.

  • Grab Bars and Rails

Placing these attachments to the walls to help them stand will make mobility for your elderly relative a lot easier. They will also have more freedom and privacy since they will be able to stand by their means, instead of relying on someone to watch them over as they do their bathroom business.

  • High-Level Toilets

Most toilets have you sitting in a crouching position to facilitate bodily evacuations. This is not an issue for elderly people since their bowels are more flexible. You can raise the height of the toilet by three inches or buy a high-level toilet so aging seniors can sit comfortably without having to force their hips and knee joints.

  • Thick Rugs for Cushioning

These items have a double purpose. If you are dealing with a senior that needs company and assistance in the bathroom, this can help your knees to avoid injury. They can also help the seniors on their steps if they have delicate feet due to bunions or calluses.

  • Non-Slip Bath Mats

This is a preventive measure taken for older people that still retain mobility. These non-slip mats can be placed in the shower to prevent them from slipping on the watery surface of the floor, especially if there are traces of soap or shampoo on them. You can keep it in place with anti-slip tape.

  • Curbless showers and Walk-in bathtubs

A lot of seniors can’t simply lift their legs anymore. Walking is a painful task for them as it is. For them, the best solutions are curbless showers or walk-in bathtubs. Both options can be customized on your terms of buying prefabricated to be assembled. They are incredibly helpful and an excellent investment in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now I’ll be sharing a few tidbits of information about dealing with a bath chair for elderly people at home. Take a minute to read these questions. There is a good chance of clearing up some doubts you might have about them.

Do these bath chairs come assembled?

This varies a lot from model to model, most of them require some assembly on your end, but it’s nothing you can handle without tools. They are not complicated to handle at all.

How do I clean bath chairs?

This sort of maintenance doesn’t demand a lot, either. You can rinse it right after taking a shower and use a damp cloth to keep it dry. You should clean it periodically using warm water, dishwasher liquid, and a scrubbing sponge. Wooden chairs call for other products. You can learn more about that in our wooden bath chair cleaning guide.

Bath chairs can be easily stored?

If you need to place these chairs in storage, you can take them apart and put them back in their package with ease. There are some folding chairs out there that will make this task even more comfortable for you.

Can I get replacements for the rubber feet?

Sure, a few of these chairs include replacement rubber feet when the old ones get worn out after extensive use. If your model doesn’t have any, you can always buy them in your hardware shop.

Can bath chairs be used in the showers too?

Nothing is stopping you from trying. You only make sure that your chair has four legs, is appropriately adjusted, and can fit inside your shower.

Closing Thoughts

Well, that’s a wrap! Now that you know all of this about bath chairs, you can surely make a smart purchase without feeling it like a challenge.

Remember to take notice of the circumstances regarding the older person you are buying the chair for, make sure it meets all their needs, and give them some dignity in their twilight.

If you feel that we left something out, or if you feel like sharing your thoughts on this topic, hit the comment section below!

Oliver is a talented cabinet maker who defies limitations with a disability. Passionate about woodworking, his craftsmanship shines through creations made from the finest teak wood. With a unique perspective and unwavering determination, he's trying to improve bathroom safety for everyone.

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