Teak shower stool

Teak shower stoolTeak shower stool is durable piece of furniture. This stool is made from teak wood grown in southern Indonesia. Teak wood is pest and weather resistant. This quality gives teak shower stools a great advantage as it is prone to insect infestation and fluctuating temperatures.

Therefore, teak shower stool provide a good household investment in furniture since it can last for ever. It is also easy to maintain a teak bath stool. To strengthen it, one can just coat it with varnish or sealant.

However, if one cannot afford the varnish or sealant, the teak bath stool will turn to silver gray after some time of exposure to humidity and water. This is a natural appearance which results from the expansion of the wood grains. Later on, the wood returns to its original gray color as the wood contract.

Teak shower stool come in varying designs. This quality makes them a choice for many. There are teak shower stools which have legs made of aluminum. Others come without a back rest, but with a director’s chair look. However, the model has armrests which are raised to provide comfort and support while sitting.

Teak shower stools can have fixed or folding legs. The choice of either design depends on the user’s versatility as far as transporting and storage of the furniture are concerned.

Teak corner shower stoolTeak corner shower stool can also be preferred in case one doesn’t have enough space for the furniture. Its triangular shape, is very beneficial as it enables the user locate it at the corner of a bathroom minimizing the space especially for those with smaller bathrooms.

Teak shower bench are either detached or mounted bench. Mounted bench are those which are screwed and fixed on the wall. Detached bench are those which are freestanding and can easily be moved around.

The choice will depend with the preference of the purchaser.  Teak shower stool can also be made as bathtubs or showers combination.

The qualities which gives the stool user variety in the quality options from which to choose is very beneficial as customers have different preferences. Teak shower bench provides shower stools which meets all the customers’ needs.

They are sturdy with a stylish look giving the user comfort and service that they need from any classic shower stool. Their feet are designed with a rubber pad which gives them a strong grip and foundation which ensures the user remains put.

Whichever design one choose to purchase, teak shower stools are made to last for long and their models are designed with close consideration of user’s needs.

Their prices are very affordable and are also available in various outlets and can even be ordered online. You can find huge selection of teak shower stools here!